Slow Death Issue I
Curated by ····· Henry .A & Callum .M
Cover ·········· Carolina 10pt C1S, White
Interior ······· #28 Hammermill, White
Pages ·········· 140
Size ··········· 6” x 9”
Published ······ January 2017
Language ······· English

Issue 001, the first of two photo and art catalogs curated by AM, featuring Photography, Illustration, Editorials, Shorts and more.

Limited to 200 copies. 

Featuring Work By:
Dan Burn-Forti
Kristina Podobed
Massimiliano Acteson
Emma Mutch
Tiff Wong
Johan Nieuwenburg
Lisa-Marie Kaspar
Noah Migotti
Tyrone Williams
Ann Huan
Jenna Green
Rhys Masrani
Connor Guyn
Dalia Janian
Aidan Nickel